Viking Field (Athletic Complex) Renovation and Addition

Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities during their school years. Activities such as football, band, and soccer help improve academic performance and instill teamwork, leadership, and pride in our youth as they prepare for their future.   With participation in these activities comes the need for adequate facilities.  Facilities that are safe and honor the talents of our students.  Northwest attracts students because of its academic excellence. In today’s competitive world, it’s now time for our students to have new facilities to complement the quality of academics within our district.

The Viking Field (Athletic Complex) Renovation and Addition Campaign is a partnership between the Northwest Education Foundation, Northwest Public Schools, Northwest Athletic Booster Club, Northwest Fine Arts Boosters, and the community.  Northwest Education Foundation, a non-profit organization’s mission focused on improving the education and experience of NWPS students, is managing the fundraising project.

Collectively, each of these partners bring the capacity and expertise necessary to make this project a reality. It is not only an opportunity for Northwest Public Schools and their students, but for the entire Grand Island Community.